How to Get Everything in Focus!

Quick tip on achieving hyperfocal distance! How to get largest possible depth of field the manual way, as well as how you can calculate it!

Useful Links
Circle of Confusion Calculator:
Circle of Confusion Chart:
My LUT Packs:

Conference Opening Animations

I recently designed and animated two keynote opening videos for Laserfiche's annual Empower conference. They were displayed on a giant ultra-wide 4:1 screen, hence the super wide crop.

Shout-out to Eliel Jaimes and Rei Estrada for all their help animating and creating graphics. These wouldn't have gotten done without them.

Here is the video from day one, The Journey...

And day two, The Grid...

Production Process Notebook Pages

Here are the notebook doodles that inspired the Video Production Process Poster, which I posted back in November. They are rougher, but go into more detail than the poster does about certain aspects of the production process. Enjoy!

Video Production Process

A poster I designed of the video production process, complete with gnomes recreating classic movie scenes. I hope you like it. I know I enjoyed making it!

It's based off a much more in-depth breakdown, which I scribbled out in a notebook. I'll probably share that in the next week or so.

Click the link below to download the 24x36in print version!